AML Transaction Monitoring Software

Reduce false positives and strengthen your compliance process with the real-time Transaction Monitoring Software.
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Fight Financial Crime and Ensure AML Compliance

Every financial transaction your business mediates carries the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, bribery and human trafficking. Therefore, the transaction monitoring process is a regulatory requirement for businesses under AML obligations. In past years, regulators fined businesses that did not meet their AML obligations during transaction monitoring processes hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Transaction Monitoring Test
AML Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring Software

Sanction Scanner's Transaction Monitoring tool provides end-to-end features that enable companies of all sizes to meet their anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism obligations. Businesses can create their own rules and scenarios without any knowledge of code, so they can automatically detect high-risk and suspicious activities. This way, you can protect your business from potential financial crime risks and regulatory penalties.

Real-time AML Data

Real-Time AML Data

Sanction Scanner always provides real-time data. Organization can check receiver and sender in real-time sanction & PEP data.

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AI and API

Powerful API

Automatically control money orders, payments and all transactions and reduce your workload with the API. The API supports all features.

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Global AML Data

Global AML Data Coverage

Sanction Scanner's database consists of lists of more than a thousand sanctions, terrorists, PEPs and banned people from more than two hundred countries.

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Discover our AML Solutions

Transaction Monitoring Solution

Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Sanction Scanner provides options to write dynamic rules on a broad scale from the most well-known scenarios to customized scenarios. You can create the most convenient rules and scenarios for your business without having to write code. With the scenarios you will make for your business, false-positive alarms are reduced. So you can focus on the right alarms and reduce your control workload.

Advanced Sandbox Test Environment

With the Advanced Sandbox Test Environment, you can test the changes you will make in your rules with your existing transactions. So you can test your new rules quickly without going live and observe the effects of your new rules without deploying. You can choose the most suitable scenario for your business and deploy it.

Transaction Monitoring Software
Transaction Monitoring Tools

Real-Time Alarms

Don't wait until the end of the day to see the alarms. You can see the alarms of transactions and alarm levels (1-5) of transactions determined according to your scenario and rule set with our real-time alarm system. With our real-time alarm system, you can respond to suspicious activities in the fastest way.

Powerful Alarm Management

It is possible to manage alarms quickly with collective work. With risk management, adding comments, and task assignment features, you can enable your teams to manage cases together. So, you can create powerful and fast alarm management.

transaction monitoring alarm management
Transaction Monitoring Rules

Fast Integration with Sample Rules

You can choose the most suitable scenario for your business from our more than 40 ready-made rule sets compatible with each sector and quickly integrate our transaction monitoring tool into your own system. You can also create different sets of rules specific to your customer segments.

Risk-Based Score-Cards

With our risk-based scorecards, you can make advanced risk assessments based on country, currency, and customer segment criteria. Also, you can use these risk assessment criteria in your rules.

Transaction Monitoring Alarm
Transaction Monitoring

User-Friendly Dashboard

With the user-friendly interface and easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily view and manage all processes from a single screen.

Full Audit Trails

You can access your past audit logs at any time. You can see who, when and why made each change in the cases. All transactions made within the system are under your control. Thus, you can make your audit processes more efficient and faster.

AML Audit Trails
sanction list

Strengthen Your Control Process With AML Screening

You can easily integrate and use Sanction Scanner's global and real-time sanction, PEP and adverse media screening tool with the transaction monitoring tool. Thus, you can speed up your workflow by meeting all your compliance needs in one place.

Ensure AML Compliance with Sanction Scanner