AML Transaction Monitoring Software

Reduce false positives and strengthen your compliance process with the real-time Transaction Monitoring Software.
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Create Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

With dynamic rule writing feature, you can create the most appropriate rules and scenarios without writing any code. With your scenarios, you can reduce false positive alarms, focus on correct alarms, and reduce your control workload.

Transaction Monitoring Test
AML Transaction Monitoring

Quickly Respond to Suspicious Transactions with Real-Time Alarms

Don't wait until the end of the day to see alarms. With our real-time alarm system, you can see the alarms of the transactions determined according to your scenario and rule set and the alarm levels (1-5) of the transactions.

Real-time AML Data

Real-Time AML Data

List control with real-time data.

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AI and API

Powerful API

The API supports all features.

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Global AML Data

Global AML Data Coverage

Lists from more than 200 countries.

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Transaction Monitoring Solution

Fast & Seamless Integration with Ready Rules

Fast integration with our different ready-made rule sets compatible for each sector. You can also create different sets of rules specific to your customer segments.

Test your Rules with Advanced Sandbox Test Environment

With the Advanced Sandbox Test Environment, you can test the changes you make in your rules with your existing transactions. Choose the most suitable scenario for your business and activate it.

Transaction Monitoring Software

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