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Sanction Scanner is committed to supporting and nurturing the success of each partner globally.
Let's Talk To Us, and we discuss how we can set up a win-win business partnership.

Sanction-Scanners mission

How we can become a parter with you?

aml data provider

Accurate Data Provider

We have a mighty data mining engine and data development team. Why are you reinvent the wheel? We always keep our data fresh and serving it in different ways such as API, batch options or screens. Just develop a business model; your AML&CTF and PEP data are ready here.

AML technology partner

Powerful Technology Partner

You are may a Local AML technology provider, KYC Office, or Any Business owner, which related Risk&Compliance.
In every case, you need a powerful technology partner. We are here with our Accurate Data, flexible web screens, full-supporting APIs and 360-degree AML features.

Advantages of the Partnership

We believe in long-term business relationships. The magic of long-term business relationships is they have to based on a Win-Win mechanism.
In our partnership program, we are doing that with high-quality data and systems. We are caring for your customers' feedback and prioritize them in the system development stage. If you have the same thoughts and looking for a mighty Partner in Risk&Compliance solutions, please Talk To Us.

advantages of partnership