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Automate your Ongoing Monitoring process
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Protect Your Business

High-risk customers should be checked periodically due to the threat of crime. Ongoing Monitoring is applied to periodically check high-risk customers on Sanction and PEP lists. The Ongoing Monitoring Process protects businesses from risks such as non-compliance and loss of reputation.

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Real-time AML Data

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

Structured real-time sanction data.

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AI and API

PEP Data

Categorized PEP data

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Global AML Data

Adverse Media Data

Hundreds of thousands of media scans.

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Sanction Screening

Plan Your Ongoing Monitoring Process

Businesses can plan the control time period according to their risk profiles; then, all customer monitoring checks are performed automatically by the Sanction Scanner. Additionally, businesses can reduce false positives by choosing the Sanctions, Watchlist and PEP lists for which they want to scan their customers.

Powerful Case Management

You can manage your scans with Ongoing Monitoring Case Management. From this panel, you can change the scanning period of the customer you want or change it from ongoing. You can also view the results you see when you first scan, and the results when you last scan, from the Monitoring History section, by clicking on the customer you are monitoring in Case Management

Sanction Screening

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Be Aware of Changes

When there is any change in the risk profile of the customers that are checked periodically, Sanction Scanner automatically reports this change to the relevant person and sends it.

PEP Screening
Emre Kenci

Ceo at Papara
Quotes IconTogether with Sanction Scanner, we made our customer onboarding processes fast and safe. With the API, we perform our AML controls automatically and comply with AML regulations.

Ensure AML Compliance with Sanction Scanner