Aml For Fintechs

Fintechs are new Lean Banks. They focus on enhanced customer experience with a lot of challange. While doing all these things, they have to prevent themselves from the financial crime and they have to comply with regulations. Its OK, Sanction Scanner is here and ready.

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Secure Customer Onboarding & Seamless Transactions

Fast with rich experience is very important for Fintechs’ Customers. When designing and giving ultimate service to customers you don’t want to grapple with false - positive alarms and weak data. While Sanction Scanner is reducing false - positives with its enhanced data, it allows you to focus on your ultimate Fintech service.

Fintechs’ other name is Integration. We are Ready

Fintechs are mainly focussing on the integratio n with other banks, third parties, and service providers. Painless and easy integration is very important for them. They have to automate know your customer and onboarding process, transactions and minimize manual workload. Sanction Scanner’s flexible and robust APIs fit Fintechs’ Anti - Money Laundering requirements. The integration is super easy and our rich API enables easy integration with your existing workflow.

Comply with Fintech Regulations

Most countries have regulations for fintechs and new regulations are coming in every day. Anti - Money Laundering and Counter - Terrorism Financing regulations are different in every country. Sanction Scanner is designed with global regulations in mind. Anti - Money Laundering and PEP tools are always compliant with dynamic global regulations and practices.

Our powerful and reliable system provides you with great benefits in

Sanction Scanner helps you search and analyze for special interest also provides enhanced global sanction screening services to support your compliance program. Our Global Sanctions List data, particularly the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Central Asian countries, including Turkey and other Middle East countries have all the sanctions list. We have 1000+ analyzed and enhanced Sanction Lists.

You can integrate Sanction Scanner APIs on web and mobile devices in a world-class structure. Our APIs are developed in a stateless (RESTful) and service-oriented architecture. If you are scanning a person, all you need is their Passport Number, Local Identity or first and last name. If a person is known by any other names. You can use any of his/her ‘also known as (a.k.a.)’ names and Original Script Names to check for potential matches. We find and list all matched records. You can search Corporates, Organizations, Aircrafts and Vessels also.

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