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Sanction Scanner saves time from manual work with name and negative media scanning products for Financial Crime Consultants and Law Firms.

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Money laundering has regulations and updates in different laws in many different countries. These rules may vary and show flexibility regionally.

Financial Crime Risk Analysts are responsible for providing expert advice on financial crime risks. This expert advice will help companies minimize their risk level and are protected from large fines.

real time aml data

Real-Time AML Data

Structured real-time sanction data

Enhanced Profile

Enhanced Profile

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Global AML Data

Global AML Data Coverage

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Up-To-Date Data

Up-To-Date Data

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Streamline AML Compliance Processes

Sanction Scanner provides compliance software service for AML Compliance Officers. Many features such as Customer Onboarding and Monitoring, PEP and Sanction Screening, Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence, Automated Daily Ongoing Monitoring ensure that your company complies with regulations and prepares Anti-Money Laundering operations.

How Sanction Scanner Helps?

Here are a few reasons why Financial Crime Consultants and Law Firms choose Sandbox

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Enriched and Structured PEP Data

Sanction Scanner examines through lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and other individuals with a high risk of financial crimes and compiles information about them in a detailed and organized manner. Our PEP Scanning Service meets the AML requirements of FATF, the European Union, and local regulators. The lists are updated every 15 minutes, reducing the margin of error.

safe-list transaction-monitoring
ongoing-monitoring transaction

Automated Daily Ongoing Monitoring

High-risk customers should be checked periodically due to the threat of crime. Automated Daily Ongoing Monitoring is applied to periodically check high-risk customers on Sanction and PEP lists. The Automated Daily Ongoing Monitoring Process protects businesses from risks such as non-compliance and loss of reputation. Businesses can plan the control time period according to their risk profiles; then, all customer monitoring checks are performed automatically by the Sanction Scanner.

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safe-list adverse-media

Multiple Search Options with API, Batch, and Web

Through its powerful, seamless and multiple API, you can easily integrate your projects into the system. With our Adverse Media solution, you can perform Adverse Media checks via API, batch files, or the web. Perform your checks with it, which is the most convenient method for your business.

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Ensure AML Compliance
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AML Transaction Monitoring

AML Transaction Monitoring

Reduce false positives and strengthen your compliance process.

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AML Name Screening

AML Name Screening

Perform AML Screening in real-time and global coverage AML Data.

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Adverse Media Screening

Adverse Media Screening

Strengthen AML Compliance With Global Comprehensive Adverse Media Data

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