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Compliance Operations Managers are the leaders who usually organize and oversee the compliance teams working in Fintech companies. Compliance operations managers' use of the most appropriate technologies to comply with regulations provides efficiency and convenience in their work.

How Sanction Scanner Helps?

Sanction Scanner provides compliance software service for AML Compliance Officers. Many features such as Customer Onboarding and Monitoring, PEP and Sanction Screening, Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence, Automate Ongoing Monitoring ensure that your company complies with regulations and prepares anti-money laundering operations.

Sanction Lists

Powerful Case Management

Full Audit Trail

Full Audit Trail

User-Friendly Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

Risk Score Card

Risk Score Card

Risk Score Card

Integrated Sanctions and Pep Query

Fast & Seamless Integration with Ready Rules

By using the Sanction Scanner Transaction Monitoring software, you can receive the alarms of the customers who go out of the rules you set. You can easily integrate our different and ready-made rule sets into your system, and you can easily detect suspicious transactions thanks to these rules.

Discover Our Algorithm

Sanction Scanner configures systems with special algorithms to give more comprehensive data and results. You can control your client's financial transactions with various preferences such as name, identification number, and passport number.

Atilla Çay / Head of Operations at Eksit

"With Sanction Scanner, we can scan the receiver and sender in current sanction and PEP data in seconds. With the API, we perform the entire control process automatically without delaying customer transactions"


Detect and Avoid Risks for Your Clients

With Sanction Scanner's Negative Media Scanning service, you can detect crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, bribery, fraud, human trafficking, arms smuggling or tax evasion, so that your clients you consult can avoid penalties and advance their business risk-free.

Adverse Media Screening in Customer Onboarding

With Negative Media Scan Software, you can save time determining the risk level of your potential customers. With your customer's credentials, you can perform adverse media checks and meet Enhanced Due Diligence requirements.

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