AML Name Screening

Perform AML Screening in real-time and global coverage AML Data.
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Customer Onboarding and Monitoring

While opening a customer account for an accurate risk assessment, you can create an AML control program that is appropriate for their risk levels by scanning your customers in more than 3000 global sanctions, PEP, and Adverse Media data that are updated every 15 minutes.

Sanction Screening


Sanction Screening

PEP and Sanction Screening

With AML Name Scanning software, you can easily perform PEP, Sanction, Remittance, Payment, Vessel, and Aircraft Screening, also you can check Ultimate Beneficial Ownership and Employment Background for your companies. All screening and check operations can be performed batch or single with options such as name, identity, passport no.

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Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence

With the AML Name Screening tool, you can perform Customer Due Diligence ("CDD") and Know Your Customer ("KYC") transactions, which are the most important components of AML / CTF regulations, in accordance with the obligations. In addition, while performing the scans, you can reach more accurate and effective scan results through the birth year, Reference ID, country, and match rate options.

Sanction List Screening

Easily integrate Sanction Scanner into your project with API in a day

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sanction list

Powerful API for AML Solutions

You can easily integrate the Sanction Scanner with your project in a day. It supports all the features of our API AML solutions. With our powerful API, we automate your company's AML control processes and reduce your workload. API has been powered by webhook. With Webhook you can provide two-way data transfer between Sanction Scanner and your own project.

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Real-Time Data

Perform your Sanction and PEP control process in realtime data.

Local List Management

You can add your local blacklist and whitelist to the system.

Parametric Monitoring Settings

Customize which lists you want to run your scans and match rate for your business.

Case Management

You can check all your business's scanning history and easily access your old scans.

Enhanced Profile

View all results in one profile and quickly determine the level of risk.

Ongoing Monitoring

Automatically check the changes in the risk levels of your customers in real-time

Audit Logs and Proofs

Sanction Scanner generates reports of your query results with structured data. You can see all the up-to-date information about the person you are scanning in the report. Additionally, you can view your old queries, review them at any time, and present these reports to regulators as evidence during your company's audit process.

Customer Onboarding Case Study
Transaction Screening Case Study

Case Study-AML Name Screening

The case study with BPN Payment & E-Money Services mention how BPN made the customer onboarding process more efficient and flexible with Sanction Scanner's Client Screening solution. To access the full Case Study, please fill out the form below.