AML Data Overview

Get support for your AML compliance process with our global comprehensive and up-to-date AML data.

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Real-Time Data

Current data is very important and necessary. We update our data every 15 minutes. In your control processes, you can always be protected from error risks by using up-to-date data.

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AI-Supported Algorithms

Special algorithms developed with artificial intelligence reduce false positives. Our AML features developed with new technology provide solutions for your AML problems.

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Global AML Data Coverage

We collect all the global and local lists of more than two hundred countries. Businesses can perform all AML controls on global comprehensive data and meet AML needs.

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Real-Time Sanctions and Watchlists Data

With our real-time and global comprehensive sanction data, we help you detect financial crimes and protect you from regulatory fines. Automate your AML control process and reduce your workload with powerful API.

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Structured PEP Data

Politically Exposed Persons are high risk customer groups. Sanction Scanner collects and structures PEP data in all over the world. Identify your customer risks and protect your business's reputation with our Global PEP data.

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Ensure AML Compliance with AI-Powered Algorithms.