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Don't Let The Integration Scare You

You can easily integrate the Sanction Scanner with your project in a day. It supports all the features of our API AML solutions. With our powerful API, we automate your company's AML control processes and reduce your workload.

suspicious transactions
Sanction List Screening

Multiple API User Option Enabled

You can use different API users for different purposes. Sometimes you need to authorize API users for your needs. With Sanction Scanner Multiple API User feature, you can define more than one API at the same time, change API roles via your settings menu.

Cutting-Edge Technology API

Restful API allows projects to be flexible integrated, managed and interacted with. Sanction Scanner API has been powered by webhook. With Webhook you can provide two-way data transfer between Sanction Scanner and your own project.

Real-time AML Data

In a day integration

fast and easy integration

AI and API


average call response time

Global AML Data

99.95+ %


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API for AML Screening Service

With API integration, you can integrate our own project and AML Screening service so that you can automatically perform your customer onboarding and customer monitoring processes comply with AML obligations. During the customer onboarding process, your customer is scanned in the background in global comprehensive and real-time enforcement, PEP and adverse media data.

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API for AML Transaction Monitoring Service

Businesses can control all transactions instantly and manage alarms with uninterrupted API. The risk level of customer transactions is determined by evaluating according to the scenarios and rules you create. Manage your transaction monitoring process fast with powerful and seamless API integration.

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API for AML Transaction Monitoring