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We help to bank industry Compliance process with our next generation AML/PEP Screening Tool!

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We are always ready for AML Regulations in the Banking Industry

The banking industry is very dynamic. Regulations and technologies in this sector are changing very fastly. Big corporates need to comply with regulations, specifically on financial crime regulations. Sanction Scanner is helping banks to get easily comply with the latest AML/CFT regulations.

We care about Your Risk & Compliance Department

They are working too much to protect their banks from Financial Crime. Why are they wasting time with manual methods to ensure AML compliance? Our AML screening and monitoring solutions provide your Risk & Compliance Department to perform AML checks safely in seconds.

Reduce false positives and manuel screening

False positives are a headache for banks. We know it and we aim from the beginning to reducing them. With Sanction Scanner enhanced analytics algorithm and search capabilities, you can reduce false positives. You can see all customer's potential risks, including Sanctions, PEPs and watchlists in on one page and create reports. You can add your customers to whitelists or memo records for them.

Integration is effortless and we support your team dedicatedly

Sanction Scanner can work with APIs and Web/Mobile Screens. Technical teams are always busy. But integrating with Sanction Scanner is very easy, it takes only a few hours of the technical team. We have a very detailed Restful API document and a lot of integration options. Also, our integration specialists will support your technical teams when they need help.

Case Study-Transaction Screening

In accordance with AML regulations, financial institutions are obliged to control their clients' remittance and payment transactions. This case study contains information about the payment and transaction screening processes of Ist-pay, a money transfer company. Ist-pay has strengthened the process screening process with Sanction Scanner and fulfilled his AML obligations.

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Transaction Screening Case Study
Customer Onboarding Case Study

Case Study-Customer Onboarding

A fast customer onboarding process that complies with AML regulations is essential for both businesses and customers. Businesses can search for old customers or new customers in the AML & PEP data of Sanction Scanner from more than two hundred countries and perform a fast and secure customer onboarding process. This case study provides information on how Sanction Scanner helps financial institutions ensure AML and KYC compliance while customer onboarding processes.

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Our powerful and reliable system provides great benefits to
Banking Industry

Sanction Scanner helps you search and analyze for special interest also provides enhanced global sanction screening services to support your compliance program. Our Global Sanctions List data, particularly the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Central Asian countries, including Turkey and other Middle East countries have all the sanctions list. We have 1000+ analyzed and enhanced Sanction Lists.

You can integrate Sanction Scanner APIs on web and mobile devices in a world-class structure. Our APIs are developed in a stateless (RESTful) and service-oriented architecture. If you are scanning a person, all you need is their Passport Number, Local Identity or first and last name. If a person is known by any other names. You can use any of his/her ‘also known as (a.k.a.)’ names and Original Script Names to check for potential matches. We find and list all matched records. You can search Corporates, Organizations, Aircrafts and Vessels also.