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Sanction Screening

Customer Onboarding Process in Compliance

Sanction Scanner database contains more than one thousand five hundred sanction lists and PEP lists, and hundreds of thousands of adverse media data. With our AML Screening Software, banks can scan their customers in seconds during the customer onboarding process via the web or API.

Real-time AML Data

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

Structured real-time sanction data.

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PEP check for banks

PEP Data

Categorized PEP data

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Transaction Monitoring

Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Create rules specific to your risk level.

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Reduce False Positives and Manual Screening

With Sanction Scanner's enhanced analytics algorithm and search capabilities, you can reduce false positives. You can see all customer's potential risks, including Sanctions, PEPs, and watchlists in on one page and create reports. You can create your own whitelists, localists, and blacklists and add your customers here or memo records for them. Besides, with Transaction Monitoring software, you can create special dynamic rules and scenarios and prevent false alarms.

Sanction List Screening
AML Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring Software for Banks

Sanction Scanner provides enhanced AML Transaction Monitoring Software . AML Transaction Monitoring Software provides end-to-end features that enable banks to meet their AML & CFT obligations. Enjoy your powered and accelerated compliance process with dynamic rules and scenarios, an advanced sandbox test environment, real-time alarms, and risk-based scorecard features. With a user-friendly alarm management dashboard and case management dashboard, you can review all past transactions and assign tasks to your teammates.

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Effortless Integration and Customized Support for Your Team

Sanction Scanner can work with APIs and Web/Mobile Screens. Technical teams are always busy. But integrating with Sanction Scanner is very easy; it takes only a few hours of the technical team. We have a very detailed Restful API document and a lot of integration options. Also, our integration specialists will support your technical teams when they need help.

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Sanction Screening for banks
Customer Onboarding Case Study

Customer Onboarding Case Study - Papara

A fast customer onboarding process that complies with AML regulations is essential for both businesses and customers. This case study provides information on how Sanction Scanner helps financial institutions ensure AML and KYC compliance while customer onboarding processes.

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