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Prevent Financial Crimes and Ensure AML Compliance with Our Global Comprehensive Data
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Detect Risk Threats for Your Business.

Businesses need to scan their customers on their sanction lists to meet global and local AML requirements. There are more than 1000 dynamic sanction lists worldwide, and these sanction lists change very often. With Sanction Scanner AML solutions, institutions can automate the control of sanction lists.

Global Comprehensive Sanction Data

Sanction Scanner collects and structures more than 1000 sanctions and watch lists of the regulatory and law enforcement agencies of more than 200 countries with Artificial Intelligence support. Businesses can also scan organizations, aircraft, and ships in Sanction Scanner data. Businesses can create custom search options based on their risk level and reduce false positives. Besides, Sanction Scanner provides businesses the opportunity to scan with their name, ID number, and passport number.

Constantly adding new lists
Refreshing list every 15 minutes
Easy API integration
Search by A.K.A. and Search by Original Script feature
Export search history feature
Batch Query feature
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Ensure AML Compliance and Avoid Regulatory Penalties

All financial institutions have to comply with AML requirements. There are some penalties for failing to comply with AML requirements. In addition to penalties, the fact that these businesses are on the agenda with penalties causes them to lose their reputation. Protect your business from fines and reputational loss risks with Sanction Scanner AML solutions

Sanction Scanner Helps Your Business