PEP List Screening & Monitoring

Say “No” to Corruption with Sanction Scanner

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Politicall Exposed Person

What is a Politically Exposed Person?

PEPs are politicians, bureaucrats, executives of international organizations, major foundations, associations and trade unions who have come to important places in society. A person could also qualify as a PEP if a person is a family member or a close relative of such an individual. PEPs or Politically Exposed Persons have to be seen as high risk by financial institutions due to their potential to get involved in bribery and corruption.

PEP Monitoring

Why is PEP Monitoring Important?

Most companies have to comply with AML-CFT regulations. The majority of financial crimes are laundered through financial systems. Companies can prevent financial crimes by controlling their customers on sanctions and pep lists. With Sanction Scanner you can control your customers in PEP lists in seconds. Sanction Scanner provides information and reports on your queries.

PEP Search

Why is PEP Search necessary?

Corruption is a major problem in the world. Every year, a global bribe of $ 1 trillion is given. It is estimated that the amount of corruption in the world is $ 2.6 trillion. Corruption figures are more than 5 percent of the world's total gross domestic product of $ 80 billion. You can prevent corruption with PEP Screening Service like Sanction Scanner.

AML Regulations

Comply with AML-CTF Regulations

AML-CTF regulations do not have to be complicated. There are many global and local regulators in the world. Regulators aim to prevent crimes of firms with AML and CFT regulations. Sanction Scanner helps you to comply with local and global regulations.

PEP Check with Sanction Scanner

• Sanction Scanner provides AI-Driven enhanced PEP screening services.
• Our database consists of more than 100,000 Politically Exposed Person, including those published by the US, UK, UN and other global large and small government agencies.
• We check and process updated PEP lists every fifteen minutes
• Sanction Scanner allows searching with an individual's name, identification number or passport number.
• Sanction Scanner has a powerful API for you. You can integrate it with your project very easily. You can automate your onboarding process. Sanction Scanner reduces your development efforts.
• You can create your own black and white lists.
• You can present your check records as GDPR compliant evidence in audits.
• Sanction Scanner works with some special algorithms. We serve you with powerful search options.
• No License Fee.
• No pricing per user.