Politically Exposed Person Data

Perform your PEP controls safely and quickly with structured PEP data.

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Why should PEPs be detected?

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s) are defined as high-risk people because they have more opportunities to gain illegal income such as money laundering, corruption, and bribery than normal people.PEPs are not criminals or banned people, but because they are high-risk customers, businesses have to detect PEP's and control their transactions. Bribery and corruption are very important problems in the world. Every year, about 1 trillion dollars of bribery is committed. The amount of corruption in the world is estimated at $ 2.6 trillion.

Global Comprehensive, Enriched and Structured PEP Data

Sanction Scanner collects and structures PEP data in all over the world with AI-support. Businesses can check their customers in global PEP data by name, ID number or passport number. Sanction Scanner presents the results of your scan with easy-to-understand reports in seconds. Businesses can identify high-risk customers and take a risk-based approach. Sanction Scanner's AI-powered AML features help businesses reduce false positives and workloads.

Constantly adding new lists
Refreshing list every 15 minutes
Easy API integration
Search by A.K.A. and Search by Original Script feature
Export search history feature
Batch Query feature
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Prevent Financial Crimes and Avoid Regulator Fines

According to AML regulations, businesses that do not meet AML requirements remain vulnerable to financial crimes and cannot detect financial crimes. Businesses that cannot detect these financial crimes face AML penalties. In addition to the economic consequences of these fines, businesses lose their reputation.

Our PEP Screening Service meets the AML requirements of FATF, the European Union, and local regulators. With our powerful API, businesses automate their PEP control processes and detect financial crimes.

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