Real-Time Data

Protect your company from risks with real-time data.

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Real-Time AML Data

Use Real-Time Data and Avoid Risks with Sanction Scanner

Accurate data is always crucial. If you do not use correct data, you will get the wrong results. If the data you have or use is not up-to-date, it reduces the accuracy of the data. Sanction lists, PEP lists, wanted lists and watchlists are updated very often. Therefore, it is precarious for firms to use outdated lists while meeting AML requirements. Incorrect results cause firms not to detect financial crimes. Get up-to-date data and avoid risks with Sanction Scanner.

Real-time Sanction Data

Strengthen Your AML Compliance Process with Up-to-date Data

Data is crucial for making the right analysis and making the right decisions. Real-time data supports your AML & CFT compliance process and ensures you to perform your AML & CFT controls more securely and accurately. Sanction Scanner automatically updates its lists using AI-powered technologies. With our Sanction & PEP Screening Service, we provide you to use real-time data.