Adverse Media Screening

Strengthen AML Compliance With Global Comprehensive Adverse Media Data
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Negative News Screening

Adverse Media Screening in Customer Onboarding

With our Adverse Media data, which we obtained from global comprehensive official sources, we ensure that your risks are identified in your customer account opening processes. With your customer's credentials, you can perform adverse media checks.

Detect and Avoid Risks for Your Business

With Adverse Media Screening and Monitoring, you can identify and protect yourself against crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, bribery, fraud, human trafficking, arms smuggling, or tax evasion.

Adverse Media Control

Adverse Media Sources

Negative Media Control

Multiple Search Options with API, Batch, and Web

With our Adverse Media solution, you can perform Adverse Media checks via API, batch files, or the web. Perform your checks with it, which is the most convenient method for your business.

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Support Ongoing Monitoring Process

While performing your ongoing monitoring processes with the Sanction Scanner, you will automatically check the global comprehensive Sanction, PEP, and Adverse Media data according to the risk levels of your customers. Automatically perform your ongoing monitoring process with more comprehensive data and reduce your workload.

Adverse Media Screening

Ensure AML Compliance with Sanction Scanner