About Us

About Sanction Scanner

We help you to comply With AML regulations.

Sanction Scanner enables your business to comply with AML laws with Remittance & Payment Screening, Customer & Merchant Onboarding/Monitoring and Real-Time Transaction Monitoring features.

Our mission

Our Mission

Sanction Scanner cares about your company. Since its inception, Sanction Scanner has aimed to protect your company from financial crimes.

Our Values

As Sanction Scanner, we are committed to the protection of all financial companies, large or small, from financial crimes. We aim to provide the best support and service to our customers, so we respond to customers' feedback as quickly as possible.

Our values
Our culture


Have you ever seen a team enjoying the office? Yes, our team does their job lovingly and increases their happiness by offering you the best service.

Time is important

We update all lists in every 15 minutes. Always.
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