No-Log Search

Perform Checks Without Recording Search information

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No-Log Search

No-Log Search

No-Log Search is a feature we provide for your one-time customer-screening processes. No-Log Search option allows you to perform one-time sanction, PEP and Adverse Media checks. After scanning with No-Log Search, the scanning process records and the scanning process results are deleted and not recorded. Businesses can perform one-time customer scans with No-Log Search to avoid permanent records.

AML Controls with various data

Web and API supported No-Log Search

Sanction Scanner helps you perform a no-log search either on the web or on the API. Reduce your workload and avoid time losses with Sanction Scanner in the fight against financial crimes and AML compliance processes. Perform your scanning without any record of the search and get rid of unnecessary records.

special algoritms for aml

Key Features and Benefits for Anti-Money Laundering

  • • Sanction, PEP and Adverse Media scans without a log of search.

  • • Access from all platforms (API, web and mobile).

  • • No extra charges for no-log search.

  • • Performs checks on global and real-time data.

  • • Meets all your AML needs with one product.

  • • Reduces AML compliance costs