PEP & Sanction Check

Sanction Scanner provides enhanced global sanction & PEP screening services to support your compliance program. It reduces your operational costs and development efforts.

We’re different.

Scanning an individual or an organization?

You can search with individual's name, identification number or passport number optionally. The organization's name is sufficient to search for an organization.

Do you have your
local sanction list?

If you have your sanction list, we support it also. You can create your sanction list, update and delete it. When you search someone in the lists, we will search both global sanction list and local sanction lists.

Do you need a proof?

Whenever you want, you can access easily your search history with our web-based panel. All searches on web screens and API are logged as masked with compatible GDPR and KVKK. We never save your data. If you want, you can export the search list.

Our Lists are always up to date

We always keep our lists up to date. We process updated lists in every fifteen minutes. Our lists are compatible with all regional sanctions, CTF and Anti-Money Laundering requirements. You will be using real-time data, always.

Integrate in Minutes

We care about developers and integration. If you need an integration between your Project and Sanction Scanner, we have an API for you. You can integrate it easily. Also we have developer-friendly, flexible and transparent, full supporting documentation for you.

Sanctions and official lists

Our Database consist of over 1000 Sanctions, regulatory and law enforcement and other official lists, including those issued by the USA, UK, UN and other global major government departments.

AML Compliance easier than ever before

Remittance & Payment Screening

Seamless payments with real-time Sanction data updates

Sanction Scanner provides real-time payment checking to your senders and beneficiaries. You can ensure with this to customers benefit without any delays and seamless experience. We updates our data nearly in minutes so you can detect any suspicious transactions with real-time data.

Customer & Merchant Onboarding/Monitoring

Automate Onboarding Workflow

Onboarding compliance screening is complex. Why you are spent a lot of time to false positives? With sanction scanner you can enhance your compliance workflow, automate it and empower your Compliance & Risk team.

Real Time Transaction Monitoring

Monitor all transactions with reduced false positives

With our powered monitoring screen you can see all operations about related AML&KYC. Meet the requirements of banking and e-money partners, compliance offices, regulators and auditors with an electronic audit trail of all system and user actions with date and time stamps. and user actions with date and time stamps.



  • No Entry Fee
  • API Integration
  • Scan By Name, ID, Passport
  • Local Black List & White List Creation
  • Scan History
  • Reporting as PDF
  • Batch Querying with File
  • Adding Comments to Search Results


  • No Entry Fee
  • API Integration
  • Scan By Name, ID, Passport and Local List
  • Local Black List & White List Creation
  • Scan History & Get History as Excel & PDF
  • Reporting as PDF
  • Batch Querying with File
  • Multiple Users
  • Adding Comments to Search Results

Sanction Scanner Helps Your Business

High Risk Corporates

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