Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Solutions
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Anti-Money Laundering operations are no more complicated. Easy to API integrated, easy to use!

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We make it easy for our customers to comply with AML Regulations.

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Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

name screening

AML Name Screening

Create an AML control program that is appropriate for their risk levels by scanning your customers in 3000+ global sanctions, PEP, and Watchlist data updated every 15 minutes.

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Transaction Monitoring

Companies monitor in
real-time their customer's transactions such as money transfers. Financial Institutions can automate their transaction monitoring process.

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Transaction Screening

Financial institutions such as banks, payment companies, or money transfer companies can check the receiver and sender without delay. Automate and speed up the entire control process.

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Adverse Media

With our Adverse Media data, which we obtained from global comprehensive official sources, we ensure that your risks are identified in your customer account opening processes.

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AML Compliance No More Complicated

AML Compliance

Meet AML Needs

With Global Sanction, PEP, and Adverse Media Data, you can apply AML needs in every world region.

AML Needs

Global AML Data

We have more than 3000 different Sanctions, PEPs Wanted and Watched Lists from 220+ countries.

Global AML Data

End-To-End Features

Companies of all sizes to meet their Transaction Monitoring Fraud, AML, and CTF obligations.

real time aml data

Up-To-Date Data

Always protect yourself from risks with up-to-date data.

Global AML Data

Global AML Data

Get support for your AML compliance process.

Reduce False Positive

Reduce False Positive

Reduce false positives and strengthen your compliance process.

Enhanced Profile

Enhanced Profile

View all results in one profile and quickly determine the level of risk.

How Sanction Scanner Helps?

Here are a few reasons why choose Sanction Scanner

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Easy Usage, Easy Integrate

With the power of technology, Anti-Money Laundering operations are no more complicated. Easy to integrate, easy to use! Compliance programs can be easily managed through advanced dashboards.

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Full Data Coverage

Sanction Scanner provides a database of more than 3000 different Sanctions, PEP, Wanted and Watched lists from over 220 countries. You can automate your company's sanction lists control and classify according to risk levels.

  • United Nations Sanctions (UN)
  • US Consolidated Sanctions
  • OFAC — Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada)
  • Department of State, Nonproliferation Sanctions (US)
  • EU Financial Sanctions
  • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)
  • Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury List and 1000+ different government lists
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aml-name-screening adverse-media

Powerful API

Restful API allows projects to be flexible integrated, managed and interacted with. Sanction Scanner API has been powered by webhook. With Webhook you can provide two-way data transfer between Sanction Scanner and your own project.

  • In hours integration, fast and easy integration
  • 250ms average call response time
  • 99.95+% uptime