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Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud, also known as welfare fraud, is the illicit act of making false claims or providing misleading information to obtain government assistance programs.

Unveiling the Shadows: Money Laundering During Economic Crisis

Uncover money laundering during economic crises, its methods, and its impact on financial stability. Learn how to combat financial fraud with effective anti-money laundering measures and regulatory responses. Stay informed on the evolving trends in money laundering during economic downturns.

What Draws Money Launderers to Luxury Brands?

The luxury goods sector has inherent qualities that raise the danger of money laundering and are helpful for various reasons. Items like jewelry, valuable stones, and exquisite art are easily transportable, making them ideal for illicit activity.

The Sinaloa Cartel and AML

Money laundering has always been a great way for crime organizations to acquire their illegal profits. When it comes to cartels, the name Sinaloa has a bad reputation. This notorious Mexican cartel has been active since the end of the 1980s and continues its illegal activities throughout the globe.