Remittance & Payment Screening

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Remittance and Payment under AML Compliance

Financial crimes occur through financial systems. Financial institutions fail to detect the crimes and as a result, they lose confidence in the market and their customers. Sanction Scanner checks the sender and receiver automatically in over 1000 sanctions, PEP, terror, and wanted lists during payment and remittance. Sanction Scanner always provides real-time data on your controls. You can ensure AML compliance by detecting and reporting suspicious transactions. Businesses can reduce financial crimes without increasing their workload.


Experience Our Special Algorithm

Sanction Scanner works with some unique algorithms. Don't panic if your customer information is missing. Our artificial intelligence search algorithm gives you the right result with a match ratio. Also, you can reduce your false positives by creating your own white and blacklists. All checks during remittance and payment result in seconds. Sanction Scanner allows you to search in different languages. We help you create a flawless customer experience without any delays in customer transactions during your AML checks.

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How Sanction Scanner Helps?

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Global Sanction List

Sanction Scanner helps you search and analyze for particular interests also provides enhanced global sanction screening services to support your compliance program. Our Global Sanctions List data, particularly the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Central Asian countries, including Turkey and other Middle East countries, have all the sanctions list. We have 3000+ analyzed and enhanced Sanction Lists.

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Powerful API

You can integrate Sanction Scanner APIs on web and mobile devices in a world-class structure. Our APIs are developed in a stateless (RESTful) and service-oriented architecture. If you are scanning a person, all you need is their Passport Number, Local Identity, or first and last name. Suppose many other names know a person. You can use any of their ‘also known as (a.k.a.)’ names and Original Script Names to check for potential matches. We find and list all matched records. You can search Corporates, Organizations, Aircraft and Vessels.

Ensure AML Compliance
with Sanction Scanner

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