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Enhanced and Structured Sanction & PEP Data

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enhanced sanction data

Structured Sanction and PEP Data

Sanction Scanner collects and structures sanction and PEP data from more than two hundred countries. Enhanced Profile is created with structured data. Enhanced Profile is a profile that consists of more than one profile. Our powerful AI-Driven algorithms understand the same record in different sanction, pep or watchlists and it combines these records under an Enhanced Profile.

See All Records in Enhanced Profile

We identify that a person listed in OFAC SDN List, UN Consolidated, Switzerland Sanction List and Turkey Sanction List is the same person with our special algorithms. Users of Sanction Scanner can view all information about this person in one profile. Thus, Sanction Scanner users can see the results in a single profile within seconds.

Structured AML Data
Enhanced AML Profile

Background Informations

Sanction Scanner collects all data from official sources. Sanction Scanner supports sanction, PEP data with important information and shows it in Enhanced Profile. Companies can reduce false positives by making the right decision with background information in the scan results. With the Enhanced Profile, you can access individuals' birth information, AKA names, photographs, nationality, reasons for sanction, documents PEP class, and all other important information.

Importance of Enhanced Profile

We are in the age of big data. Believing that data is a supportive power, Sanction Scanner has made all data categorized and interpreted with artificial intelligence supported algorithms. With Enhanced Profile, companies can access the information they need in the search results with an enhanced profile. Structured and enriched profiles speed up and strengthen companies' AML processes. Companies can view scan results as reports. These reports can be presented as GDPR compliant evidence in audits.

enhanced pep data