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Ways of Detecting and Evading Fraud in Fintech

Digital fraud has become a hazard that many organizations, including the fintech industry, have had to deal with for some time. As the popularity of fintech firms grows, it is critical that they use sophisticated fraud detection tools.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Trends for 2023

As we leave behind a year of extreme activity for compliance teams thanks to global events and new regulations, we will discuss a few trends that potentially shape the AML industry in the coming year.

Regtech and Cryptocurrency: Future of Financial Regulation

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology become more and more popular daily, financial regulatory agencies are also trying to keep abreast of developments in these areas and manage them in a way that complies with regulations. Regtech (regulation technology) is a technological sub-sector that follows the developments in these areas and supports the business in accordance with the regulations in these areas.

RegTech Industry in 2022

The Regtech business will prosper in 2022 as a consequence of the disruption brought about by advanced technologies.