What is an AML Compliance Officer?

Compliance Officer

An anti-money laundering compliance officer is the person who manages preventing money laundering programs and processes of companies under the obligation. The AML officer manages the company's internal and external control processes and works to ensure the company's compliance. Every company under obligation has to employ an AML compliance officer.

Responsibilities of the AML Compliance Officer

The responsibilities of the officer are very important for companies. Their failure poses major problems for companies. Companies that fail to meet compliance will be penalized by regulators and their reputations damaged. Therefore, companies should carefully select the people who will employ them in this field. There are some skills and knowledge an AML compliance officer should have.

  • Determination of the risk level of customers when opening a customer account.
  • Implementation of the company's anti-money laundering compliance policy.
  • Following AML regulations and laws.
  • Taking protective measures against financial crimes to the company.
  • Detecting suspicious transactions.
  • Reporting suspicious transactions.
  • Reporting and reporting to the senior management 
  • Informing and training company employees against financial crimes.  

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The Importance of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Failure to ensure Anti-Money Laundering compliance has severe legal consequences. Companies that fail to meet their obligations are given administrative and fines by regulators. For this reason, all companies should pay attention to the policy and implement it in accordance with their obligations. AML compliance officers are indispensable employees for companies as they are responsible for compliance processes. In addition, omissions and errors in the Anti-Money Laundering program are the responsibility of theirs. AML compliance officers who intentionally neglected obligations have been subject to severe penalties from the past to the present. Therefore, they should be aware of their responsibilities.

Technological developments from past to present have also changed financial crime risks and threats. AML compliance software such as Sanction Scanner, developed against changing crime threats, makes the work of officers fast and secure. AML compliance officers ensure compliance with AML software and strengthen. Sanction Scanner helps companies detect financial crimes with AML & PEP data from more than two hundred countries. You can talk to us for information about our solutions.