AML Solutions for Small Businesses

Discover our solutions that support AML Compliance processes

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We know the AML needs and problems of small businesses. Our AML solutions developed with artificial intelligence meet the AML needs of small businesses end-to-end. Small businesses can be protected from financial crimes and comply with AML regulations with the Sanction Scanner.

auto AML Control
Real-time AML Data

Real-Time AML Data

List control with real-time data.

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AI and API

Powerful API

The API supports all features.

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Global AML Data

Global AML Data Coverage

Lists from more than 200 countries.

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Learn about AML Solutions

Low Cost AML Solutions

Cost Effective AML Solutions

Fixed costs, such as setup and license fees, are major problems for small businesses. In the past, small businesses were vulnerable to financial crime due to high costs. Sanction Scanner provides cost-effective solutions by keeping small businesses away from fixed costs. Discover our AML solutions with our packages suitable for your needs and budget.

Easy to use with no training required

Small businesses can start using our easy-to-use solutions immediately, without the need for training and expertise. With the user-friendly dashboard, you can use all features and perform AML checks in seconds. You can find all the information you need on our understandable result screen. You can access your search activities and reports at any time. You can present these reports as evidence during the audits by the regulators.

pep list
sanction list

Protect Your Business From Risks

Small businesses focus on customer experience. They also need to protect themselves from financial crimes while trying to keep the customer experience at the top. Sanction Scanner allows you to perform customer onboarding and transaction screening processes without keeping customers waiting. Sanction Scanner makes your AML compliance process easy while you focus on the customer experience.

Ensure AML Compliance with Sanction Scanner