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Real-time AML Data

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

Structured real-time sanction data.

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AI and API

PEP Data

Categorized PEP data

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Global AML Data

Adverse Media Data

Hundreds of thousands of media scans.

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suspicious transactions

Transaction Screening

With the Transaction Screening Tool, businesses can scan the receiver and the sender in their money transfer and payment transactions in global comprehensive AML and PEP data in seconds. Businesses can detect suspicious transactions with the transaction screening tool. They can access scanning reports at any time and report these reports together with suspicious transaction reports to the authorized units.

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Fast Customer Onboarding

Large businesses perform thousands of new customer accounts opening every day. Large businesses aim to create a good customer experience. So they need to perform the account opening process quickly without waiting for the customer. Businesses can scan their customers in the AML and PEP data of more than two hundred countries and determine the customer's risk level. Customer onboarding process compatible with AML regulations is very easy with Sanction Scanner.

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Reduce False Positives

We are aware that false positives are a major problem for large businesses. Sanction Scanner helps minimize false positives with AI-powered algorithms. Businesses can customize their scan settings between the data of more than two hundred countries and scan their customers only on the data of their choice.

Automate the Control Process with API

Automating the AML process is essential for large businesses. Large businesses have millions of customers. It is impossible to apply AML controls to millions of customers using manual methods. Sanction Scanner provides powerful API support to automate businesses' AML control processes. Businesses automatically perform all control processes from customer account opening to transaction screening with API integration.

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AI-Driven AML Features

• Powerful Case Management
• Unique Search Options
• Enhanced Parametric Monitoring Settings
• Powerful User Management
• Daily Monitoring Options
• Multiple search options.

Ensure AML Compliance with AI-Powered AML Solutions