Customer Screening and Monitoring for AML

Customer screening and customer monitoring are the key procedures to a risk-based approach to AML policy. Companies serving under the AML obligation are required to implement customer risk screening and customer monitoring procedures. 

Why Is Customer Risk Screening Important?

The customer onboarding process is essential for companies in terms of customer experience. Companies want their customers to experience a fast and seamless onboarding process. However, companies must protect themselves from risks and meet the AML obligations in customer onboarding processes. For this reason, companies perform customer risk screening in order to determine the risks of their customers during the customer account opening processes, except that companies have to apply an AML compliance program template suitable for their risk levels. Risky customers can damage the company's reputation and endanger the company with financial crime risks.

Why Is Customer Monitoring Important?

Customer risk levels may change over time. So, companies must periodically conduct risk assessments to detect and take action against customer risks. In the customer monitoring process, companies should apply the controls they implement during the customer onboarding process and classify them again according to their risk levels.

What Are Customer Screening and Customer Monitoring Procedures?

The purpose of customer screening and customer monitoring is to identify customer risks by making a risk assessment. The procedures implemented for this purpose are generally called "Know Your Customer" and "Customer Due Diligence" procedures. Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are how customer information is collected, and customer information accuracy is checked. After the accuracy of the customer information is confirmed, customer due diligence check procedures is implemented.

Some of the controls implemented for risk assessment in customer screening and monitoring processes are sanction, PEP, and adverse media screening. Regulators have made it compulsory for companies to apply sanctions, PEP, and adverse media scanning to their customers during customer account opening processes and customer monitoring processes.

How to Make Customer Risk Screening and Monitoring Processes Effective?

We live in the age of technology, and manual methods are wasting time for companies. Our AML Name Screening solution, developed with the latest technology, makes customer risk screening and monitoring businesses faster and easier. Our database contains sanction, PEP, and adverse media data from more than two hundred countries. Thus, companies using our AML Name Screening software perform a global comprehensive risk control.

Our product provides manual query, batch query, and query options via API. The query processes of companies that provide integration with the API are performed automatically in the background. Thus, there is no delay in the customer onboarding process, and AML obligations are fulfilled.

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