Customer Onboarding Case Study - Papara

This case study was prepared for Papara, a money transfer company that provides information on how Sanction Scanner helps financial institutions ensure AML and KYC compliance while customer onboarding processes. To access the full Case Study, please fill out the form below.

About Papara

Papara is an e-money and money transfer organization in Turkey. Papara serves as a financial service licensed by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Papara is a financial technology board that tries to create a new experience by offering competitive and user-oriented solutions against traditional financial applications.

The Papara Case Study

E-money and money transfer institutions are among the high-risk companies for money laundering, terrorist financing, and corruption. Papara is among the obliged institutions of the Financial Crimes Investigation Board within the scope of the law numbered 5549. Therefore, it must comply with legislation and regulations. Since Papara is a high-risk organization, it must meet AML requirements. To meet these requirements, Papara chose Sanction Scanner solutions. In this case study, you can examine the difficulties Paparan faces in the customer onboarding process and the solutions of Sanction Scanner to these problems.

"Together with Sanction Scanner, we made our customer onboarding processes fast and safe. With the API, we perform our AML controls automatically and comply with AML regulations."

Emre Kenci / CTO, Papara

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