AML Compliance for Global Vendor Finance Company - Case Study

The case study prepared with DLL Group, which the world’s leading vendor finance partner, mentioned how DLL Group complies with AML regulations by making their customer onboarding processes easy, fast, and secure with Sanction Scanner. To access the full Case Study, please fill out the form below.


About DLL Group

DLL Group is an asset managing global vendor finance company. The Netherlands-based company was established in 1969 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group. Sectors it serves; agriculture, food, healthcare, clean technology, construction, shipping, industry, document imaging, and technology.

DLL provides financial and operational leasing solutions according to your needs of the sectors it serves. In addition to these services, DLL brings together DLL Global teams that provide this service, to help the sales of machinery and equipment in the sectors it serves in global markets.

Anti-Money Laundering Leasing Industry

Leasing is financing management that ensures the ownership of an investment property remains in the leasing company. The lease ownership is transferred to the lessee at the end of the contract period specified in the contract. with leasing, businesses can set longer-term and flexible repayment plans suitable for their cash flow.

Some crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing may occur in the leasing industry. To prevent these crimes, organizations serving the leasing industry must comply with AML regulations of regulators such as FATF. Companies are required to know their customers with whom they do business by the law on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.


As an AML regulated company, the DLL Group should easily implement the AML Client Screening processes with their Customer Onboarding process via easy way. Easy and seamless customer screening, getting search certificates after the screening and reporting them to the Local Regulator (MASAK) and Global are the challenging parts of this and, even more worrying, the negative impact this has on the customer experience. For this reason, DLL Group has chosen Sanction Scanner AML Compliance solutions in the face of all these negative effects and ended the compatibility pains.


"With Sanction Scanner, we've made our customer onboarding processes easy, fast, and secure. Using the API, we've performed our AML controls automatically and comply with AML regulations. We've reduced our team's daily workload."


Chief Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer

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