Sanction Scanner: Top AI Company in the UK

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AML checks without artificial intelligence take a lot of time, and the margin of error is high. For this reason, AML controls are made as far from manual as possible. Sanction Scanner allows its customers to create rule sets. Companies start using software by integrating it easily. The software includes ready-made rule sets, or companies can create rules on their own. In case of rule violations, an alarm is generated and transmitted to AML officers. It is up to the expert whether he will turn off the alarm later or not. 

With the power of technology, AML operations are no more complicated. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning makes this process less manual and less paper-based. Sanction Scanner uses innovative artificial intelligence solutions in this field in its services.  

Top Artificial Intelligence Startups in the UK

Britain's best artificial intelligence companies were determined with data from Crunchbase and SEMRush. Our company, where our head office is located in London, is on this list. In the list prepared by WelpMagazine, there are many companies from different sectors. We thank them for making this list.

You can click here to see the full list.

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