Sanction Scanner is Awarded with 2021 Sardis Awards

Blog / Sanction Scanner is Awarded with 2021 Sardis Awards

Sardis Awards; It is organized to reward the most innovative projects and outstanding marketing achievements of financial institutions, financial technology companies, companies that develop joint projects with financial institutions, and agencies that serve financial institutions.

Sardis Awards are given in 4 main categories: Innovation Division, Innovative Use of Finance and Financial Technologies Division, Creativity Division, and Positive Social Impact Division.

The following organizations can participate in Sardis Awards.

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Payment Institutions
  • Private Pension Companies
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Capital Market Institutions
  • Financial Leasing Companies
  • Financial Technology Companies
  • Other Financial Institutions (Factoring, Leasing companies)
  • Other Institutions (All companies and non-financial organizations from other sectors -software, informatics, telecommunications, retail, service provider, FMCG, construction, automotive, energy, education - that cooperate with financial institutions, carry out joint projects - innovation, entrepreneurship, or finance departments.)
  • Agencies (All agencies operating in the fields of advertising, production, event management, direct marketing, media planning and purchasing, public relations, communication consultancy, design, technology, digital, mobile, social media marketing, and corporate social responsibility)

Sanction Scanner, which aims to minimize potential money laundering risks by using artificial intelligence and machine learning, won the Silver Sardis in the other organization's category in the data usage section at the 2021 Sardis Awards. As Sanction Scanner, we are proud to receive this award.

Sanction Scanner is an anti-money laundering solutions provider established in 2019. Today, we play an active role in the fight against financial crimes in nearly +30 countries and provide software services.

The principal goal of Sanction Scanner is, fighting financial crimes. With our solutions, companies know their clients, monitor transactions and check adverse media data.

As we know, financial crimes destroy the economy and cause human trafficking, drug trafficking, and terrorist funding. With Sanction Scanner Software, your company won’t let it do that. Join our family today, and together we create a better world without black money.

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