Relationship Between Bribery and Money Laundering

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Corruption, bribery, and money laundering offenses are in parallel. Corruption crimes, such as bribery or the personalization of tax revenues, increase the substantial amount of illegal money. At the same time, corruption seriously paves the way for money laundering. Corruption can conveniently launder their income through bribery, and bribery can help launderers evade all controls and sanctions. IMF research has shown that countries that do not have much control over corruption tend to comply poorly with Anti-Money Laundering and combat the Financing of Terrorism (AML / CFT) standards.  

Impact of Laws on Anti-bribery and Anti Money Laundering (AML)  

The global AML / CFT system operates legally with the classical "strict law" model. International standards (FATF, 2012b) on money laundering, financial support of terrorism, combating bribery, and proliferation create a detailed and comprehensive framework for AML / CFT compliance. Governments, financial institutions, organizations, and companies worldwide accept FATF Recommendation as the "gold standard" for AML / CFT compatibility.  

The fight against money laundering and corruption must be taken seriously. Strict rules must be established and enforced in all developed countries, especially in developing countries and all countries with fragile economies, due to corruption's negative consequences. Gaps in the laws facilitate money laundering and methods of financing terrorism. If there are regular and systemic corruption regulatory and legal AML / CFT regulations, these crimes are severely avoided.


Bribery and Money Laundering  

The rules that countries apply to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (ML / TF) are some of the most effective and useful ways to combat corruption. Illegal income is gained largely from corruption. These revenues are obtained in public and private sectors from crimes such as bribery, embezzlement, abuse of functions and power, and various illegal ways.  

Corruption is often done to gain unfair gain. Corruption proceeds are often laundered to remain undetected and to increase maneuverability with this revenue. Accordingly, corrupt officials and persons take great care to conceal their identities to put these illegal revenues from corruption into the financial system without being detected and purchasing assets. Similarly, often in corruption cases, bribers hide the financial link between themselves and their officials for money laundering.


Bribery and Corruption in The International Market  

When a large company decides to do business in a foreign location, it usually needs to pass licensing, permits, registration, or other government approvals. Unless the company can change or adjust to the country's laws in which it will initially invest, it may be impossible or obligatory to be there with some business types.  

It is inevitable for some company executives to resort to financial incentives to influence officials. The authority to allow the foreign company's activities depends on the politicians and officials of those countries and the companies have large financial resources. Commitments to invest in that country's infrastructure can be considered legitimate. Still, the secret money-giving of the official aimed at influencing public decisions is excessive, and this is often referred to as bribery.  


Use Sanction Scanner to Avoid Bribery and Corruption  

Money laundering, bribery, and corruption pose significant risks to any business's reputation and reliability that may unknowingly be involved in organized crime.  


Sanction Scanner provides great convenience in various illegal situations, such as financial crime protection, corruption and bribery detection, and AML obligations fulfillment. Financial technology companies and startups can perform your transactions in seconds, wherever and whenever you want, with the powerful API system.  

Sanction Scanner protects companies from such dangers with affordable Anti Money Laundering solutions to detect all other illegal transactions, starting with corruption and bribery. You can contact us or request a demo to discover our artificial intelligence-supported AML solutions.  

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