How Can You Protect Your Business with Sanction Screening Services?

First of all, what are the Sanction Screening Services? New sanctions lists are published every day in the world. So far, there are thousands of sanction lists published in the world. These lists include people who have sanctions against them. Sanction Screening Services allows you to search and query from these lists.

Why is it important to check these sanction lists?

Financial crimes are a major risk for businesses. With the development of technology, the financial crime rate and types of financial crime increase. Firms have to take various precautions in order to avoid harm from these financial crimes. Regulators apply some regulations to protect enterprises from financial crimes.

Why do you need Sanction Screening Services?

We said at the beginning of our content that there are thousands of sanctions lists in the world. Most of these sanction lists have different structures. These lists have a complex structure. So it is very difficult to check these lists manually. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to manually control such a list. You have to spend hours to control a single person. Sanction Screening Services solves this problem. Now you don't have to spend a lot of time checking your sanction lists. Using Sanction Screening Services, you can check the sanction lists in seconds. Moreover, it is a safer method than manual controls.

Which lists can you check in Sanction Screening Services?

With Sanction Screening Services, you can check the sanction lists all over the world. There are various sanctions lists applied by countries or organizations.

Some major sanction lists are:

OFAC Sanction List

UN Sanction List

UK Sanction List

Switzerland Sanction List

Australian Sanction List

What are the benefits of Sanction Screening Services?

The biggest benefit of these Sanction Screening Services is that it saves time. Now employees can use this time more efficiently. Sanction Screening Services also protects businesses from false queries.

What are the advantages of Sanction Scanner?

Sanction Scanner provides AI-Driven enhanced global Sanction & PEP Screening Services. Sanction Scanner reduces your operational costs and development efforts. We always keep our lists up to date. We check and process updated lists every fifteen minutes. With API integration, your queries are done automatically. If there is a suspicious operation, the Sanction Scanner will give you an alarm. You do not have to pay the license fee to use the Sanction Scanner. You only pay for the number of queries you need. You can easily try the Sanction Scanner with the demo button at the bottom. Protect your business with Sanction Scanner.

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