AML Solutions for Challenger Banks

We help to Challenger Bank in AML compliance process with our next generation AML solutions!

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Getting to Know Challenger Bank

Challenger banks are on the rise in the financial services industry. Challenger banks focus on offering personal banking services, complying with an innovative technology wave, shaping customer experiences with innovations. The most successful and popular places for this new financial business trend are the United Kingdom and the United States.

Getting to Know Challenger Bank
Challerger Bank

Challenger Bank Under Financial Crime Threat

While Challenger banks want to keep customer experience and customer satisfaction at the highest level, they face some risks. The inexperience of the challenging banks against financial crimes during their establishment made it easier for criminals to commit crimes such as money laundering, corruption, and bribery through banks that challenge them. Furthermore, Challenger Banks has been targeted by money mules who want to take advantage of this process.

Real-time AML Data

Real-Time AML Data

List control with real-time data.

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AI and API

Powerful API

The API supports all features.

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Global AML Data

Global AML Data Coverage

Lists from more than 200 countries.

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Customer Onboarding Process for Challenger Banks

The most important features that make Challenger banks stand out from traditional banks are that they are fast and agile. Therefore, Challenger Banks aim to perform customer onboarding processes in the fastest way by meeting their AML obligations. With our AML Screening Software, Challenger Banks can implement "Customer Due Diligence" procedures in traditional customer acquisition and digital customer acquisition processes within seconds.

AML Requirements For Challenger Banks

Due to the fact that Challenger banks are among the institutions at risk, they obliged to meet their AML obligations. Challenger banks are required to protect their companies from financial crimes and ensure AML and KYC compliance. Challenger banks can determine the risk level of their customers and perform a customer monitoring process according to the customer's risk level by doing our customer onboarding processes with Our AML Screening Software.

suspicious transactions
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Transaction Monitoring Software for Challenger Banks

Sanction Scanner's enhanced AML Transaction Monitoring Software provides end-to-end features that enable Challenger Banks to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Challenger Banks can automatically detect high-risk and suspicious activities with many features such as dynamic rules and scenarios, advanced sandbox test environment, real-time alarms, and risk-based scorecard. Automate your transaction monitoring and reduce false positives with enhanced tracking features.

Comply with AML Regulations with Sanction Scanner