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We help organizations in the Gaming and Gambling industry ensure AML compliance

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Real-time AML Data

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

Structured real-time sanction data.

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PEP check for banks

PEP Data

Categorized PEP data

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Transaction Monitoring

Restful API

Automate the control process.

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AML Regulations are Increasing for Gaming and Gambling

The globalization of the gaming and gambling industries have created financial crime risks. According to Moneyval, FATF and the European Union directives and regulations, gaming and gambling organizations are required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Financing of Terrorism and Know Your Customer regulations. With the European Union 5AMLD, controls and audits in the gaming and gambling industry will increase. It has been announced by regulators that gaming and gambling organizations that do not comply with AML regulations will be subject to penalties.

Anti-Money Laundering Screening
Sanction List Screening for payment

Manage Your Compliance Process Right

AML, CFT And KYC compliance process of gaming and gambling organizations does not have to be complicated and tiring. Sanction Scanner helps their AML, CFT and KYC compliance processes by providing solutions tailored to the needs of the gaming and gambling industry. With our Sanction and PEP screening service, organizations can manage their customer onboarding, customer monitoring and transaction monitoring processes easily and quickly. Sanction Scanner's AML compliance solutions enable you to comply with global and local AML regulations.

Automatic Customer Control in Seconds with Our Powerful API

With the online gaming and gambling industry, the customer can open an account on gaming and gambling platforms in seconds. Organizations have to implement AML requirements on the one hand, while performing a quick client account opening process to ensure customer satisfaction. Sanction Scanner performs all AML control processes of organizations from the customer account opening process to customer money transfer transactions automatically and in seconds with its powerful API support. Reduce your workload, AML compliance is now very easy.

Sanction Screening for payment
AML Software Sanction Scanner

Detection and Reporting of Financial Crimes

Sanction Scanner has a global database from sanction, PEP, blocked persons and wanted lists. Sanction Scanner's database is updated instantly. Organizations can check their customers 24/7 in this database. If our service gives an alarm, the process is stopped automatically. This alarm indicates that this transaction may contain financial crimes and should be controlled. If the organization compliance officers detect a suspicious situation after performing the necessary checks, they prepare a “Suspicious Activity Report”. Thus, AML requirements can be met.

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Quotes IconSanction Scanner provides fast solutions, fair price, and safety for our company. Sanction Scanner provided professional solutions that accelerated our compliance processes with the regulations of the regulatory authorities in the gambling industry.

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