Why Sanction Scanner?

We are stronger together in the fight against financial crimes.

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What Are Our AML Solutions?

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We know the AML needs of businesses.

Sanction Scanner team is an expert team that has been involved in the financial services industry for many years. That's why we know the challenges businesses face in combating financial crimes and AML compliance processes. We developed all our solutions to make the AML compliance processes of the businesses the fastest. Make all processes easy and fast, from customer onboarding to transaction monitoring.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective AML solutions.

In the past, small and medium businesses could not use AML software due to the high costs. We live in the age of technology, and manual methods remain dysfunctional in combating financial crimes. That's why, as Sanction Scanner, our establishment mission is to provide cost-effective AML solutions for every business budget. We provide different solutions for different needs of businesses. So, we meet the AML needs of all of them, from the most established banks to the newly established fintechs.

advantages of partnership
advantages of partnership

We always support our customers.

Our greatest strength is our agility and flexibility. Since our establishment, we have done great work with our customers' feedback. Therefore, our customers have a significant share in our success. We are a big family that fighting with financial crimes. Join our family.

We provide solutions compatible with global and local regulations.

Sanction Scanner solutions have been developed to comply with FATF recommendations and European Union directives. Sanction Scanner database contains more than two hundred countries' sanctions, PEP and adverse media data. Businesses can implement a risk-based approach to comply with global and local comprehensive AML regulations with Sanction Scanner’s AML database.

advantages of partnership