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Perform UBO Check in real-time and global coverage AML Data.


We make it easy for our customers to comply with AML Regulations.

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Organizations can perform AML checks in real-time sanction, PEP and adverse media data from 220+ countries.

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With our global comprehensive AML data, we meet the regulatory requirements of all regions

Avoid Regulatory Fines

Avoid Regulatory Fines

Protect your business from administrative and fines that you may face due to violations of obligations


Getting to know your UBOs

The Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) means the legal entity that is the beneficiary of the company. People who have at least 25% shares in the capital of the legal entity, those who have at least 25% voting rights in the general assembly, people who are beneficiaries of at least 25% of the capital of the legal entity, acquire UBO status.


Why is UBO Control necessary?

FATF and the European Union reported that UBOs have ML / TF risk. There are important information and obligations regarding UBOs. The EU Regulations and FATF recommendations have reported these obligations, so organizations have to perform UBO Checks to demonstrate compliance with anti money laundering laws and regulations, otherwise, they are fined.

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UBO Scan for Businesses

It is difficult to control UBO manually because the company and shareholder structures are complex. In contrast, UBO Check can be performed with the Sanction Scanner at the push of a button. You can scan company owners and shareholders in sanction, PEP and adverse media data from more than two hundred countries and detect risks in business deals. Protect your company's reputation and ensure anti money laundering compliance by scanning UBOs.

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Organizations that have to perform UBO Checks

Organizations such as European public limited companies, European cooperative communities, associations, partnerships, transport companies, private limited companies, foundations and cooperatives with companies that do not have full legal capacity have to carry out UBO Checks and if you are one of these organizations, you can easily perform UBO Checks with Sanction Scanner.

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Avoid Regulatory Fines with UBO Check

Companies that do not check the UBO can cooperate with criminals or fraudulent people unwittingly and may damage their corporate reputation also these companies are punished by regulators according to AML laws for not performing UBO Check. In order not to face administrative and fines, you can get information for our UBO check solution.