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Global Aml Solutions

Minimize Your Money Laundering Risk

As Sanction Scanner, we have more than 1500 different sanctions, PEPs, wanted and watched lists from more than 220 countries. All lists update every single 15 minutes by using artificial intelligence. Within using real-time data, we aim at minimum risk for possible money laundering activities. Also, you can see the alarms of transactions and alarm levels (1-5) of transactions determined according to your scenario and rule set with our real-time alarm system.

Risk-Based Approach

Sanction Scanner collects and structures PEP data in all over the world with AI-support. Businesses can check their customers in global PEP data by name, ID number or passport number. Sanction Scanner presents the results of your scan with easy-to-understand reports in seconds. Businesses can identify high-risk customers and take a risk-based approach.

Identify High-Risk Customers
Aml Compliance Process

Global AML solutions

As Sanction Scanner, we are committed to the protection of all financial companies, large or small, from financial crimes. We aim to provide the best support and service to our customers. Our headquarters are in London. Also, we have an office in Istanbul. Currently, we are happy to serve with our four global AML solutions. You can see the countries that we have a region listed below. We are currently creating solutions for these countries, but soon for all around the world. If you want to learn more about our services, talk to us or request demo.