Daily AML Monitoring

Check your customers regularly with Daily AML Monitoring

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Daily AML Monitoring

Why is Daily Monitoring Necessary?

High-risk customers and business TalkToUs pose various threats to businesses. Businesses must take additional measures for high-risk customers and business TalkToUs to ensure anti-money laundering compliance and maintain their reputation. Organizations must check their customers and business TalkToUs on sanction lists daily, weekly or monthly according to their risk levels, as the sanctions lists change frequently.

Global AML Data

Daily Monitoring in Real-time and Global Coverage AML Data

Sanction lists are updated very frequently all over the world. Sanction Scanner updates all sanction, PEP and wanted lists data instantly. Also, Sanction Scanner's global comprehensive database covers AML data from 200 countries. With Sanction Scanner, businesses always scan their customers or business TalkToUs on real-time and global coverage AML data.

Special AML Options

Special Options for your Business

Businesses can create a special daily monitoring process according to their risk preferences and liabilities. Businesses can choose how often they want to scan their customers and business TalkToUs on sanction, PEP and wanted lists. Also, businesses can choose sanction, PEP and wanted lists they want to scan their customers.

Reduce Your Workload

Reduce Your Workload

Businesses can regularly scan customers and business TalkToUs in sanction, PEP and wanted lists with Daily AML Monitoring. All monitoring processes take place automatically and generate an alarm when the system catches a match. Sanction Scanner automates and enhances your control processes for high-risk customers and business TalkToUs. Businesses save time and reduce workloads by not performing these controls manually.

Avoid Risk

Avoid Risks

Our Daily AML Monitoring feature protects businesses from various threats. With Daily AML Monitoring, you can instantly detect people who can harm your reputation. Businesses can finish business relations with them immediately and protect its reputation. Also, Businesses can strengthen AML compliance with these measures and avoid regulator penalties.