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EU Sanctions on Myanmar

On April 19, 2021, the EU announced further Myanmar sanctions that will take effect immediately, adding ten more people to the sanctions list These ten people were chosen for their seats on the State Administrative Council, and unlike prior rounds of nominations, they do not appear to be military or police officers. This increases the total number of people sanctioned to 35.


The Council also placed restrictions on Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Limited (MEHL) and Myanmar Economic Corporation Limited (MEC) for providing financial assistance to Myanmar's military, mirroring UK and US penalties.


Unlike the United Kingdom, the EU's listing data in the Council Decision and Implementing Regulation does not explicitly designate any MEC or MEHL subsidiaries as targeted businesses. On the other hand, the limitations apply to any businesses that MEC and MEHL possess or administer. According to the listing information, MEHL and MEC have branches and linked firms in different areas of the economy, including banking, finance, construction, commerce, transportation, mine, gem extract, manufacturing, and tourist industry. Companies conducting business in Myanmar should, as a result, perform a rigorous sanctions screening.

UK sanctions on Myanmar military conglomerate

The UK government announced additional sanctions affecting the Myanmar government's economic power on April 1, 2021. The UK has added Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) to its Global Human Rights sanctions framework, following the March 25, 2021 announcement that targeted Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd (MEHL). The UK stated solid evidence that MEC had sent money to Myanmar's military, which has been accused of serious human rights crimes.

The penalties put an asset freeze on MEC and its subsidiaries, as well as a prohibition on finances and financial opportunities being made available to MEC or any company it controls, directly or indirectly. In addition, the United Kingdom included 64 of MEC's subsidiaries on its Sanctions List, which targets companies in areas including mining, telecommunications, and metals.MEC's inclusion on the UK Sanctions list aligns the UK with the US in penalizing both military-controlled corporations. It is the most recent move in the UK's larger response to the February 1, 2021 rebellion. The UK and Canada impose further sanctions against Myanmar military generals for violating human rights. 

UK sanctions

The United Kingdom imposed sanctions on Myanmar military generals for severe human rights abuses on February 18, 2021, which would take effect immediately. According to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, three people are subject to urgent asset freezes and travel bans for severe human rights abuses by the military and police force. The mentioned names added to the list here 16 sanctioned persons already exist. The mentioned military generals' names are as follows:

1. Mya Tun Oo, General (Minister of Defense)

2. Lieutenant-General Soe Htut (Minister for Home Affairs)

3. Than Hlaing, Lieutenant General (Deputy Minister for Home Affairs)

Additionally, further measures are being implemented to prevent UK firms from cooperating with Myanmar's military and prevent UK aid from indirectly assisting the military-led administration. This comes after the end of an assistance review, which was announced shortly after the coup. Support for government-led changes has been removed, and programs that have been planned will be terminated. The UK government has declared that it will take steps to guarantee that aid reaches Myanmar's poorest and most vulnerable.

Canadian sanctions

Under the Special Economic Measures Regulations, Canada issued sanctions on 9 Myanmar military officials on February 18, 2021. With the inclusion of these 9 people, Canada now has sanctions against 54 people and 44 companies. In addition, persons in Canada and Canadians living outside of Canada are prohibited from trading with the property of specified individuals or providing financial or related services to them under the Regulations.


The newly mentioned persons are top military officers who were either actively engaged in the Myanmar Armed Forces' coup d'état or are members of the military government's new ruling body, the State Administrative Council.

  • Tin Aung San
  • Maung Maung Kyaw
  • Aung Lin Dwe
  • Moe Myint Tun
  • Ye Win Oo

The UK's Myanmar/Burma Sanctions Regime has added five further names

Following up on the last announcements, the UK has named five more people under the Myanmar/Burma sanctions regime:

Min Aung Hlaing's listing in the United Kingdom has also been updated. Furthermore, Bi Sidi Souleman's current classification under the UK's Central African Republic sanctions system has been revised.

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