AML Compliance Solutions

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A new era in AML Compliance with Sanction Scanner

AML Compliance Solutions

Comply with AML Regulations

Sanction Scanner enables businesses to comply with international regulations such as European Union, FATF, BSA as well as national AML regulations. Sanction Scanner provides companies with global comprehensive and up-to-date AML data. Sanction Scanner collects and structures data from more than two hundred countries such as sanctions lists, PEP lists, blocked person lists, wanted lists and watchlists.

Business can safely perform AML controls with our powerful search algorithms supported by artificial intelligence. Our special algorithms enable businesses to prevent financial crimes. Businesses can avoid AML penalties with our compliance solutions.

AML Screening AML Screening
AML Transaction Monitoring AML Transaction Monitoring
Sanction Monitoring Adverse Media Screening
Payment Screening Transaction Screening

New Technology in AML Control

Frequently changes in regulations cause traditional AML controls to lose their functionality. Traditional AML controls are unsafe today and pose risks to businesses. Sanction Scanner provides solutions to AML control problems of businesses, such as excessive workload and false positives. With Sanction Scanner, you can automate your AML control process and reduce your workload. Businesses can also choose which country's or regulators' data they want to use in AML controls by creating custom search options.

Why choose Sanction Scanner?

• Global AML Data Coverage

• Real-time Data

• Powerful API

• Custom Search Options

• No Setup or License Fees

• Powerful Case Management

• Local Blacklist & Whitelist Management

• Mobile Responsive System

• Enhanced Parametric Monitoring Settings

• Powerful Search Options

Accelerate your AML control process with our AML Compliance Solutions.